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[gmf-dev] QVTO and XPand, Questions by Aurélien Pupier on 26.09.2011

Dear Aurélien.
First of all accept our apologies, that your mail has not been answered earlier. Michael, Guillaume, and Svyatoslav work full time on the code, but will post more. As well, me and my CTO Marc Moser will some casual informal posts like this one. Michael, Guillaume, and Svyatoslav can then follow up with the in depth information.

Here the answers:

> A technical question:
> You plan to modify the models, will you stay on the same technology (Xpand/QvTo)?

The plan is to finalize what the earlier component leads of GMF Tooling and QVTO started: to use QVTO to implement the transformation from the models representing the graphical editor to the models representing the code. Have a look at the last slide of the QVTO presentation of Radomil Dvorak at EclipseCon2008: this is what we are doing.

Like this the initial MDA architecture of GMF Tooling will be finalized, and much less pressure will be on the transformation from the models representing the code to the actual Java code.

Therefore, there is currently no plan to change anything on the XPand side. In the future, the GMF Tooling MDA architecture shall be evolved in such a way, that the generated editors can coexist with other kinds of editor (textual, XText2, and tree based ECore editors), and that different runtimes can be targeted (Grafiti). But this is the future.

And of course, if the project is going strong, we will consider to upgrade from the current version of XPand to the new XText2 related version, but this is second prio for now.

> Otherwise, are you already began the work? If not, when is it planned?
As mentioned they work full time, and this is the reason for the silence.

Best Regards,

PS: if you are at EclipseCon Europe, I may give you more details.

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