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Re: [gmf-dev] QVTO and XPand, Questions by Aurélien Pupier on 26.09.2011

Hi Philipp,

On 04/10/2011 09:04, Philipp W. Kutter wrote:
Dear Aurélien.
First of all accept our apologies, that your mail has not been answered earlier. Michael, Guillaume, and Svyatoslav work full time on the code, but will post more. As well, me and my CTO Marc Moser will some casual informal posts like this one. Michael, Guillaume, and Svyatoslav can then follow up with the in depth information.
Good to know

> Otherwise, are you already began the work? If not, when is it planned?
As mentioned they work full time, and this is the reason for the silence.
It would be very convenient for the GMF community to let them spend some time to be more verbose about the work in progress. If you have a roadmap, please share it with us. A lot of people have good ideas about GMF, and I'd like some more people to become contributors & committers on GMF Tooling. Transparency is necessary. The less silent you are, the healthier the /your project is ;)

PS: if you are at EclipseCon Europe, I may give you more details.
I won't be at EclipseCon, but I am interested in these details too ;)


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