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Re: [gemini-dev] JPA in a WAB

On 16 Apr 2010, at 19:03, Shaun Smith wrote:

I'd like to propose Gemini Web provide support for JPA in WABs.

It's pretty common for developers to put both their web components and their backing JPA Entities into a WAR and so I think it would be useful to provide support for this configuration in Gemini.  I think support for JPA in a WAR would amount to detection of a persistence.xml file inside the WAR and the addition of the necessary "Meta-Persistence" entry into the Manifest of the WAB.  And coordination of Gemini JPA and Web services would be necessary to ensure peaceful co-existence when a bundle contains both JPA and web content.

Before going deeper does anyone have any thoughts on this?  Is this already in the plans for Gemini Web?

This may be a reasonable requirement although part of me wonders if it would encourage people not to embrace OSGi properly. Also, keeping the JPA and web stuff in separate bundles would seem to be a better design, easier to test, and available essentially for free. Plus if we produce integrated support for JPA in WAB, we would need to be careful not to bake in restrictions that would make it seem pretty limited as JPA outside WABs evolves.

It's certainly not in plan.



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