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AW: [geclipse-user] (beginner) How to configure a VOMS-based VO ingEclipse

Hi Tim,

> Name: atlas
> Host: voms.cern.ch
> Port: 15001
> Host DN: /DC=ch/DC=cern/OU=computers/CN=voms.cern.ch

That looks good so far compared to the CIC card found at


Alternatively you could have just imported this CIC card by not chosing "Add" from the VO-Declaration preference page but "Import". This should connect you with the CIC portal giving you the chance to import one or more VOs directly including atlas. Unfortunately most of these import are incomplete due to a missing information endpoint definition within the CIC data. So most likely you will get a warning about that missing info endpoint when importing the atlas VO. Nevertheless the rest of the information should be there. The information provided by CIC is maintained by the VO administrators, so feel free to contact your admin if the information at CIC seems to be messed up for your VO.

Concerning the Information Endpoint you are right that we are expecting a BDII here. You are also right that g-Eclipse is using this BDII to query "your Grid". That means without a properly defined BDII you will see nothing and you can do nothing. In your case it seems that you have not specified the access protocoll as part of your server URI. Try


instead, that may solve your problem.

> [1] by the way, I don't quite understand why gEclipse implemented an own "Grid 
> Projects" view, the Navigator view should do the same job with appropiate 
> Content-Providers for the tree, shouldn't it? And it would give benefits like 
> supporting working sets and filters (hide closed projects, etc.) Or is it 
> planned to add those features to the Grid Projects view?

We would have loved to make use of the already present navigator view. Unfortunately in order to incorporate remote filesystem access we had to do it by ourselve. The native Eclipse support of other than local filesystems is nearly non-existent. Trying to "mount" a remote folder into the navigator or a similar view results in endless caching of remote files and directories (Imagine you are connection to the root directory of a huge remote FS, that would cause Eclipse to make a local shadow of the complete filestructure, not that funny ;-) So therefore we are not going to support the Navigator or similar view in the near future unless Eclipse itself properly supports remote filesystems.

Hope that helps,