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Re: [geclipse-user] IE required plugins

Hi Angelo

> I am using the latest download of g-eclipse (I've chosen the all-in-one
> package gEclipse_1.0RC2-linux.gtk.x86.tar.gz).
> I'm working on DORII project and I need to access to the remote
> instrumentation (i.e. the Instrument Element).
> The g-eclipse application correctly lists all of available IE (see
> screenshot_1.png) but I can't see the instruments.
> I've read this post
> <http://dev.eclipse.org/mhonarc/lists/geclipse-dev/msg01803.html> of
> Thomas KÃckerbaue about the IE support in g-eclipse, and I've tried to
> add this two plugin:
>     * eu.geclipse.instrumentation
>     * eu.geclipse.instrumentation.ui
> Unfortunately it doesn't work. So my question is: what i have to do in
> order to see all the instruments who belong to a specific IE ?

Please try the latest nightly build instead. I think that the IE service 
plugins are not yet in the RC version (only the sub-category for that type of 

The build server is at:

The latest nightly build for today is:

You should be able to browse the instruments with this version. Also 
triggering commands and transitions should work with this version (although 
there still might be a bug that the values typed into the wizard are not 
used - I will have a look at this). I have seen on your screenshot that you 
have IEs with http and https, triggering commands/transitions will only work 
with the https IEs since the proxy delegation is only possible with https.
If you have further questions don't hesitate to ask.

Kind regards,