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Re: [equinox-dev] Maven snapshot repository available ?

On 11.04.2017 16:01, Cristiano Gavião wrote:

On 11/04/2017 09:42, Stephan Herrmann wrote:
One way around this, *might* be to publish / consume snapshots
only via repo.eclipse.org, not Maven Central.

In my vision, the better approach is to publish into maven central repository only the released versions of bundles.

Bundles that are part of any M# or RC# should be deployed using a full timestamp (ex: 4.7.0.v2017040112000 ), but into a different
repository, a snapshot only one.
Sonatype provides one: https://oss.sonatype.org/content/repositories/snapshots/ and its process is described here

I've not seen much guidance on *how* to use the OSSRH snapshots repo.

In particular: if someone references a repo with
how exactly must a snapshot be marked in order to remain invisible?

Consider a company repository manager standing between you and
the outside, i.e., you can't directly turn on/off your connection
to OSSRH snapshots, but need to excluded snapshots in a given build.

In that repo I see artifacts like this:


which exhibits two variants of the version: directory mentions SNAPSHOT,
artifact expands that to a time stamp. Is this artifact enabled/disabled
by the <snapshots> element? If so, then this could help avoid the problem
I mentioned in my first mail.