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Re: [equinox-dev] Weaving into JUnit Plug-in Test with Equinox Aspects?

I was expecting you to jump in, but not so quickly :-)

Did not know that, but sounds great!


On 17.12.2008, at 16:11, Chris Aniszczyk wrote:

P.S.: Are some PDE guys listening? Would it be possible to change the Eclipse Application and JUnit Plug-in run configuration dialogs to have a full featured Bundles tab instead of that minimalistic Plug-ins tab?

We're always listening :)

The plan is in M5 to have the plug-ins and bundles tab be very similar... (ie., start levels are there). This is related to the work of having start levels in product definitions.

240737: [product] be able to set start levels on a product


~ Chris

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