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Re: [equinox-dev] New API method in ECF (org.eclipse.ecf.identity) since 3.4M6

Hi Olivier,

Olivier Thomann wrote:
Hi Scott,

This didn't cause any work for anybody except the build machine :-). The check is done during each build. It was easy to detect it without any extra work.

That's nice to know...maybe releng would be willing to share the scripts to run the PDE API checker (I assume that's what's doing this)...and we/others could add such a check to our build also.

Since this is not intended to be part of the 3.4 release and I expect it to be removed from the next integration build you provide to p2, I won't add it to the exclude list.
Are you ok with this ?

Sure. For my info...what does it mean to be on the exclude list? Excluded from what?

As soon as the new drop will be used by an integration build, the API freeze check won't report it anymore.