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RE: [equinox-dev] Small RCP example with p2


I'm a little confused with this self-hosting issue. Now my example is
IMHO a fairly common use-case: An RCP-App that updates itself or at
least parts of itself. This should be done in an automated fashion
(every morning at 6) or if the user triggers an update-action.

John Arthorne wrote:
>  p2 doesn't currently have any API. About the best you can do at the moment
>  is to invoke the p2 command that opens the install dialog. [...]
After grabbing the P2-Source and changing setting
ProvSDKUIActivator.ANY_PROFILE to true as described in Bug 224658 [1]
I get the "Software-Updates"-Dialog! Great.
Now I wonder if this is any good because the wiki [2] says:
>We do not yet support a properly configured, self-hosted p2 system
(see bug 224658). This means that if you
> run a self-hosted workbench, the launched Eclipse will not be p2 aware.

Nigel Westbury wrote:
>  In terms of a minimal repository, p2 does not itself define the site layout.  This is abstracted out, so you can get as simple as you like.  If you
>want something more minimal than the old update site or a p2 update
site then just implement your own repository factory.  [...]
I would start with the minimal p2 update site. Extending
MetadataRepositories and ArtifactRepositories seem to me to much for
me right now. ;-)

So I guess I restate my question:
How would a minimal p2-update site look like? I am especially eager to
set something up that shows that you don't need a feature anymore.

Thanks for your help

[1] : https://bugs.eclipse.org/bugs/show_bug.cgi?id=224658#c2
[2] : http://wiki.eclipse.org/Equinox_p2_Getting_Started#Running_the_p2_UI_from_a_self-hosted_workbench