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Re: [equinox-dev] Equinox->Bundles component is getting crowded

equinox-dev-bounces@xxxxxxxxxxx wrote on 2007-09-12 14:47:42:

> There are two extreme positions to take. Lump a large number of 
> loosely related deliverables under one component or create a 
> separate component for each and every deliverable. I'm not sure I 
> favor the latter extreme. Currently the Equinox download page allows
> you to download each bundle individually so each bundle is a 
> separate downloadable item. Creating a separate component for each 
> and every bundle in Equinox may prove to be too much overhead.

What overhead? The provisioning of a set of components for the Equinox 
product in bugzilla?

> It is
> my understanding that in Eclipse typically every bugzilla component 
> has its own set of commit rights in CVS. 

I am not sure this is true. According to portal.eclipse.org, I am a 
committer on eclipse, eclipse.equinox and eclipse.incubator. Thus it would 
seem to me we only need to elect one to eclipse.equinox to have commit 
rights to all the framework and the various potential bundle components.

> If we have a very high 
> number of components then we will be holding a very large number of 
> committer elections to get all the committers the access they need :-)
> I think we a balance and create components as we see fit to split up
> the different work areas in Equinox instead of creating a component 
> for every bundle.

I think the think you want to minimize is the number of committer groups. 
Assuming that bugzilla components are not tied to committer groups, then 
there is no reason not to have a 1-1 mapping of downloadable items to 
bugzilla components.

> Tom


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