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[equinox-dev] Equinox->Bundles component is getting crowded

The Equinox project continues to grow with new components and new contributes being added. Thanks everyone!!

As new contributions are graduated into Equinox proper we need to place them under one of the existing components. Currently we have the "Framework" and "Bundles" components for Equinox proper in bugzilla/cvs. A large majority of the new contributions will fall into the "Bundles" component. For example, we have a few work areas in the equinox incubator which are very active (e.g. p2, security etc). Once this work graduates it will likely to be placed into the generic "Bundles" component. This will make an already crowded component even more crowded.

Should we consider creating a more diverse set of components for the work which is graduated into Equinox? I think the p2 and security work will deserve their own component when they graduate. Thoughts?