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Re: [equinox-dev] Embedding Equinox OSGi and EclipseStarter

On 17/02/07, Ikuo Yamasaki <yamasaki.ikuo@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Whereas FrameworkAdmin API was originally desinged for launching a framework by a bundle running on a framework (n -> n+1), I modified FrameworkAdmin API and its implementation for Equinox so that Java program can launch a framework with specified bundles installed and started (0 -> 1) in framework independent way.

* Originally current FrameworkAdmin API supports launching a framework
not in the same process but only in a different process.
- Supporting launch in the same process is one of the future work.

In my case, I needed to bring it up in-process rather than ex-process. I can see the need of being able to bring it up ex-process (e.g. for the likes of PDE launch) but frankly, one of the main reasons for being able to launch the framework from *within* an existing Java process is to have tighter control/communication between the two. Otherwise you might just as well do System.exec().

I'm also not sure that the use-case of starting up an n+1 instance
(for n>0) from an OSGi framework in-process makes sense; and there may
be issues with e.g. statics from the launcher code if there were.