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Re: [epf-dev] EPF Composer vs EPF Wiki ?

EPF Wiki is used to collaboratively change the content of the published pages, rather than individually work on the format.

With EPF Composer you can select a "Banner image" in the publishing options, this is how I added the company logo. Translation of the generic page content can be done in the file epf-composer\plugins\org.eclipse.epf.publish.layout_1.5.0.v20110429-1430\layout\xsl\resources.properties

I have not further changed any format, but if needed I would start looking in the same folder as above to change the css files...


Cristiano Gavião wrote:
  I have this same doubt...

anyone could clarify us ?


On 23/11/11 15:04, Jean-Marc Sfez wrote:
Sorry for a stupid question but...

I just install EPF Composer, create a basic process from scratch, and publish a corresponding web site.

I'd like to completely customize the look & feel of the pages that presents Disciplines, Activities, Tasks, Work Products....
For example, I'd like to add a Menu Bar with logo... ; I'd like to change all colors...

I was looking for pages templates in the generated web site but it seems complex to work on these elements.

So, I search for some help on the web, when I found the EPF Wiki ressources.

What is the exact positionning of EPF Wiki comparing to EPF Composer and its generated web sites ?

Is EPF Wiki a tool that will help me to change template of a EPF Composer generated web site ?

A small explanation will be greatly appreciated for a dummy ;-)

Best Regards,
Jean-Marc Sfez
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