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[epf-dev] Agenda for content call tomorrow

Hi everyone,

I see we have 3 items for our discussion tomorrow (please let me know if there is anything to be added):

- Method Authoring guidelines

        - collect feedback from committers on the method authoring guidelines sent 2 weeks ago
        - Q&A (Kelli Houston will join us)
- Release plan:
        - Fine-tune the release plan we started last week
        - Get commitment/ideas for current iteration from those who couldn't attend last call
- Next release number
        - Report from folks who discussed this topic on Monday
        - Discuss open issues they raised

Conference details:

Toll-free dial-in:         1-877-421-0025
Toll dial-in:              1-770-615-1242
IBM Tie-line dial-in:      421-0025
Participant passcode:      876927

Talk to you tomorrow.

Ricardo Balduino.