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RE: [epf-dev] OpenUP Summary Graphic

And now for something completely different...well not completely....

I was looking at the summary graphic and I've just noticed there is nothing
that indicates feedback. We do not show any kind of feedback, no feedback
from the iteration into the project plan, no feedback into the process...I
think we need to at least have an arrow feeding back from the iteration plan
to the project plan to at least suggest the project plan changes in response
to lessons learned during iteration. Now if we could also discover a way to
show feedback improving the process...hmmm a little Charlie Chaplin like
mechanic receiving instructions from an iteration retrospective?

Best regards,
Steve Adolph

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Hi Ben

I have finally had the chance to look at the graphic properly (blackberry's
are great for some things and not for others).

I think that the changes you have shown seem good IMHO - they do seem
cosmetic in terms of the intent of the original diagram but I completely
understand that they may make the diagram more acceptable to mechanical
engineers :-)

As per previous discussion on this thread, I think we should consider adding
a build product to the micro-increment - something that represents a build
similar to an integration stream / nightly build idea of course, rather than
a shippable build. In principal, this too could be "demo-able"
(is that a real word?).



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Hi all

We have been speaking with various customers about EPF and OpenUP.

We have received feedback that the main OpenUP graphic (the cogs) is
distracting because:

- it uses a mechanical metaphor to illustrate an integrated process, yet the
mechanics do not mesh
- there is no way that the two cogs could actually mesh
- the elongated tooth on the iteration cog is odd
- these issues distract from the conceptual message being conveyed

I have attached a modified version - this is just an example of how the
deficiencies in the graphic could be addressed - the graphic should be
corrected properly by someone with better photoshop skills :)

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