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Re: [epf-dev] [Scrum] Scrum Status Meeting 03 May 2007 - Proposed Agenda

As of this time, I have done nothing with my ID.

I'd like to be able to contribute; here is my problem (and it is mine and mine alone lol).... I have a Mac and the plug-in developer does not have Mac support.  I just picked up Parallels and will install Vista on the machine over the weekend, so this problem "should" go away.

Lyndon, can you please send me the link or the dial information for Thursday morning's call?


- mike

On 5/1/07, Lyndon Washington <hoshposh@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
In preparation for Thursday's Scrum status call, here are a list of bugs that will be discussed at the meeting.  Please reply to this posting with additional topics that you would like to see in the agenda.


ID Sev Pri OS Assignee Status Resolution Summary
176503 nor P3 All mjv@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx ASSI
Scrum - Develop guideline for Introduction of Scrum
184288 nor P3 Linu epf.content-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx NEW
[scrum] Scrum phases should get added as a Delivery process
184297 nor P3 Linu epf.content-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx NEW
[scrum] The structure of the left-hand navigation content...
184285 nor P3 Linu epf.tool-inbox@xxxxxxxxxxx REOP
[scrum] The banner image for the publish site needs say "...

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