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RE: [epf-dev] Lifecycle diagram revision

I like the last one as it shows the product getting "bigger" and more
complete through the four phases. 

Regarding the lifecycle diagram, attached is a slide that appears in APG's
RUP training that might foot the bill. The things I like about it is it
shows "loopy" iterations occuring continually throughout the phases, makes
some distinction between the end of a phase and the end of a "normal"
iteration, and provides descriptive labels related to the problem and
solution for each phase. 

Regarding the presumed inclusion of Daily Meetings (which certainly isn't a
bad idea), I'm sure everyone noticed the numerous Bugzilla entries for
incorporating XP content. I was wondering (like Brian and perhaps others),
if we had made a decision to include the XP content into the "core"
OpenUP/Basic 1.0 content. I guess I thought (perhaps naively, for no good
reason) that it was going to be an extension to OpenUP as a plug in someway

I think discussing the entry/exit state thing would be pertinent...

Chris ~:|

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I think the first one is a great picture and we should find a place for it.
On the other hand the "lifecycle diagram" (that started this
thread) is the picture above the WBS that is labeled Workflow on the
Lifecycle page.  I think this diverges too much from the focus of "what is
the lifecycle?" and instead covers "what's it all about?"  Especially the
ones without the phases.

I like the picture though.  A lot.  Perhaps this is a missing graphic at the
top of the Core Principles page.

Did we add Daily Meetings as a definitive, default characteristic of
applying OpenUP/Basic?

Back to the lifecycle diagram, I think it can have iterations added somehow.
Perhaps just in a more aesthetically pleasing version of what Steve scrawled
or perhaps someone has a more innovative representation.

Though the Lifecycle page does not call it out, WBS elements are understood
to have Work Product Usage in addition to the task-centric perspective.  I'd
love for us to get the focus on the ever growing product in there (as
suggested by Scott).  Of course we don't have a Work Product called Product,
just the Build.  Maybe something like Ana's ever-growing blocks could fit
into the Lifecycle Diagram.

BTW, do we need a side discussion on the Entry State and Exit State and
Deliverable columns on the Work Product Usage?  That sounds like something
that could add a little more clarity to the process.

                                       ------- b

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just some ideas ... modified from a picture I saw for something else...

.. I tried to show core principles, some practices inside the iteration and
the phases ... maybe its too much


Ana Valente Pereira wrote:

> it is also to linear and lacks the learning... feedback from one 
> iteration being used to improve the solution (and the process) for the

> next iteration
> ... I can try to make some drawings and sketches to discuss at the 
> next F2F ? ... and then someone would take care of the graphics?
> Ana
> Steve Adolph wrote:
>> Hello Everyone
>> The OpenUP lifecycle diagram bothers me because it does not include 
>> any dramatic visual clue to OpenUP being an iterative process. I've 
>> just sketched a revise diagram and wonder two things:
>> 1) Am I the only one who is concerned the lifecycle diagram does not 
>> dramatically include iterations?
>> 2) Is there someone out there who actually has creative and drawing 
>> talent and is interested in re-drawing this? J
>> Best regards
>> Steve
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