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Re: [epf-dev] WAS: OpenUP Graphics => OpenUP distilled into 9 slides

I like the distilled version ... it looks simpler...

somewhere in the text we should say that there are several builds (one at the end of each iteration)... for instance:

The team needs to collaborate closely to produce a validated build "at each iteration"


Per Kroll wrote:


I reall liked Ana's ideas, with the "O" in OpenUP representing a table we all sit around. (Attached for reference for those that were not on original distirbution)
I like Chris' ideas around putting the build in the center for what we do.
And I still like some of my ideas around having Intent, Mgmt, and Solutions development resting on a foundation of Collaboration & Communication.

Attached you find a proposal on how to merge many of the different ideas. OpenUP distilled into 9 slides. Feedback appreciated.


Per Kroll
STSM, Manager Methods: RUP / RMC
Project Lead: Eclipse Process Framework
Rational Software, IBM Corp

*Ana Valente Pereira <apereira@xxxxxxxxxxx>*

08/31/2006 12:24 PM

Per Kroll/Cupertino/IBM@IBMUS, Jim Ruehlin/Irvine/IBM@IBMUS, Bruce Macisaac/Cupertino/IBM@IBMUS, Ricardo Balduino/Cupertino/IBM@IBMUS, Steve Adolph <steve@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>, Chris Sibbald <Chris.Sibbald@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>, chris.armstrong@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx, Mark.Dickson@xxxxxxxxx, Brian Lyons <blyons@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>

OpenUP Graphics

While in vacations I got this idea to represent openup in a simple
way...  I was trying to avoid that open up representation looked like
food (pie, donut) or too technical ... and trying to have a way of
showing collaboration and time aspects of the process..  (I am assuming
that we agree on Re-architecting and Re-positioning OpenUP as described
in bug 152354)

This is just an idea.. we can work in it... or choose other options

[attachment "OpenUP_Graphics.ppt" deleted by Per Kroll/Cupertino/IBM]


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