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Re: [ecf-dev] ECF build v2 -- Build easier

Hi All,

Although I'm all in favor of people bringing up and discussing build tools/systems for use specifically for ECF's build needs, I would like to request that detailed technical discussions about the characteristics and relative merits of various systems be held elsewhere (on appropriate project mailing list, or EF wiki page, or other)...and that summaries (with links if appropriate) be posted here.



Dann Martens wrote:
Chris Aniszczyk wrote:

This should alleviate some of the burden of projects have when setting up builds.
Could you give us some background on what the mission statement is behind this builder? I've read through the wiki, but it's a bit sparse and unclear.

How does it integrate with the Eclipse IDE? Can I audit the complete build process as a developer using the workbench UI?
How does it generate packaging artefacts? What about my .wars and .ears and whatnot .jars?
How does it do version branding (e.g. for a pure Java project, or a plug-in for that matter)?

And yey, it's already chuck full of EMF goodness, how much does it weigh to develop for Athena and to use it? What's the footprint of an Eclipse instance to write extensions for it, and how much does it weigh standalone? To give you a reason for my concern, Galileo with EMF weighs in 367 MB (vs. 162 MB for the classic), and even the EMFified e4 trial is a whopping 200 MB. Is it me, or is that a 125% increase in footprint, an amazing more than doubling in size? It wouldn't be the first project I worked on where people have office machines which die with something that size. One of the reasons TPTP is sometimes not an option; just way too big for some of these office machines you're forced to work on.

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