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Re: [cdt-dev] Now Accepting Registration/Proposals for CDT Fall Summit 2006

My travel has been approved.  See you in September :-)


Chris Recoskie
Team Lead, IBM CDT Team
IBM Toronto

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The CDT Fall Summit will be held again this year in Ottawa at QNX
headquarters from Sept 19-21. To register, please send me, Doug Schaefer,
dschaefer@xxxxxxx, an e-mail. There is no cost to attend, lunches will be
provided, and we?ll do another social night like we did last year sponsored
by the fine people at QNX.

The theme for the conference is: ?Here we Grow!?, or maybe not. I?ll have
to get the QNX marketing guys to come up with something flashy. The focus
of the summit will be technical as we look at the features we plan on
adding to the CDT for CDT 4.0 and beyond to meet the needs of our growing
community. There?s lots going on in the CDT and we need to make sure we
co-ordinate activity and maintain the integrity of the architecture.

Here is a quick agenda to get a feel for what we will be discussing:

      -          CDT Core
            o        Indexing strategies (offline, remote, EFS)
            o        CModel future (can we move it to use the DOM parser?)
      -          CDT UI
            o        Replacing the C/C++ Projects View with the Common
            Navigator/Project Explorer
            o        CDT Editor Enhancements
      -          CDT Build
            o        The state of the Managed Build System (VS killer yet?)
            o        The new Project Model teaching the Core about build
      -          CDT Debug
            o        Adopting the flexibile hierarchy
            o        Meeting the needs of embedded developers
      -          Multi-Language
            o        How I built a C# plugin in my spare time
            o        The Photran experience

Of course, we can add more if people propose to talk about more. Feel free
to send me any ideas you have and volunteer to contribute to any of these
as well.

QNX is located at 175 Terence Matthews Cres in the city formally known as
Kanata (now a suburb of the city of Ottawa). There are a number of hotels
in Kanata, with the Holiday Inn Select being the most popular from last
year. If anyone has suggestions or queries, please feel free to discuss on
the list.

See you there, or here, I guess J.

Doug Schaefer, QNX Software Systems
Eclipse CDT Project Lead, Tools PMC member

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