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[aspectj-users] Issue with incremental compilation, annotation and pointcuts


I have reported an issue on the forum [1] and I was requested to tell it here 

We are using Maven, Eclipse, M2Eclipse, AJDT and M2Eclipse-ajdt.

We have developed a JAR library that contains an Aspect (java aspect using 
@Aspect). The pointcut of this aspect tell the aspect should apply to all 
methods with @ApplyAspect custom annotation.

Now we are developing a project that depends on the aspect library. AJDT 
configuration is automatically done by m2eclipse-ajdt.

In this project we wrote some classes and methods but initially without the 
@ApplyAspect annotation. The project compiled fine, then we decided to add the 
annotations (adding annotation was the only change). So we discovered that the 
aspect was not applied until we did a project->clean.

My guess is that adding annotation produce an incremental compilation that is 
not detected by AJDT. Cleaning the project force a full compilation so this time 

AJDT "see" the annotation and apply the aspect.

Do you confirm this is a bug? Should I open an entry in bugzilla?