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[aspectj-users] declare @method syntax - is composite signature allowed??

I have a hierarchy of DAO classes into which I'm introducing an @Cacheable annotation via something like this:

declare @method :
                public * *..I*Dao+.*(..) :

The problem is, we need to filter out more than is specified by this one signature pattern, and I'm not sure that a composite pattern is allowed in this type of expression.  When I tried something like this:

declare @method :
                public * *..I*Dao+.*(..) && !public * *..I*Dao+.set*(..):

I'm getting compile errors saying:

Syntax error on token "&&", ";" expected

I also tried to define composite pointcuts representing the joint points I'm interested in (basically I want to exclude 'jdbcTemplate' and 'slq' Spring specific setters from the places where annotation is introduced) but declaration syntax doesn't seem to like it either.

What would be a good approach in the use case I described?

I'm using compile time weaving via Ant.  AspectJ version is 1.6

Thank you in advance,