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[aspectj-users] problem with declare annotation


I'm trying to write a simple tracing annotation but have problems declaring it against a type due to compile errors. Basically I get the error depending on which combination of @Target annotation attributes I specify. For example TYPE and CONSTRUCTOR work together but not TYPE and METHOD as shown below. I would eventually like to apply the Tracing annotation to all ElementTypes.

1. The pojo I would like to declare the annotations against

public class MyPojo {
        public static void calculate() {

2. The annotation I would like to apply is as follows:

@Target( { ElementType.TYPE, ElementType.METHOD})
public @interface Tracing {
        LoggingLevel level() default LoggingLevel.DEBUG;

3. The aspect that applies the annotation to MyPojo and MyPojo.calculate()

public aspect ConfigureTracing {
        declare @type : MyPojo : @Tracing(level = LoggingLevel.DEBUG); // compile error!!!
        declare @method : * MyPojo.calculate() : @TestAnnotation;

4. Here is the LoggingLevel enumeration I wrote, since I couldn't find one in log4j:

public enum LoggingLevel {
        ALL(Level.ALL), DEBUG(Level.DEBUG), ERROR(Level.ERROR), FATAL(Level.FATAL), INFO(
                        Level.INFO), OFF(Level.OFF), WARN(Level.WARN);
        private final Level level;
        private LoggingLevel(Level level) {
                this.level = level;
        public Level getLevel() {
                return level;

However when I compile it using aspectj tools 1.5.3 I get the following error message: "[ERROR] DEBUG cannot be resolved", which refers to my LoggingLevel.DEBUG enum constant. Could it be some sort of class loader issue where only some of my enumeration constants aren't yet available?

As a bonus question, I would like to specify something like the ConfigureTracing aspect above in an aop.xml file for runtime weaving, this way I don't have to hard code the annotations at build time. However in the docs for aop.xml I couldn't find any way to declare annotations, so is there some other strategy I can use to achive this?

Thanks for any help
- Ashley

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