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[aspectj-users] Stop Excution of method.

public class Account {
   private double balance;
   private boolean accountClosed =  false;

  public double getBalance() {
        return balance;
    public void setBalance(double balance) {
        this.balance = balance;

    public boolean isAccountClosed() {
        return accountClosed;

   public void deposit(double amount){
      this.balance +- amount;

public aspect AccountAspect {
   pointcut demo(Account account, double credit) : execution(void Account.deposit(double)) &&
                                                    target(account) &&

  before(Account account, double credit) : demo(account, credit){

               //i need something here to stop the deposit method from executing.

Hi friends,

    I have my class Account and Aspect AccountAspect as shown above. The account class has a method called deposit. It also has an attribute called isAccountClosed. what i need to do is, whenever the deposit method is called, i need to check whether the account is closed and if it is closed, i need to stop executing the code inside the depoist method. I do not know how i can get this done in AspectJ. My main program which calls these methods is a class called Bank.java, it just calls the methods in the Account class. I would really appreciate it if someone could help me out here.

Thanks in advance,

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