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[aspectj-users] Xlint:adviceDidNotMatch with iajc source at 1.5

Hi there,

I'm an AspectJ novice that has inherited some AspectJ code, and in the
process of an upgrade to Java 1.5 I've run into a problem that I would
greatly appreciate some insight into.  

The AspectJ code is only a small part of a larger codebase but it is
being moved from Java 1.4 to Java 1.5.  When I compiled the code with
iajc (AspectJ 1.5.3), with source attribute set to 1.5, I got the
following error for each location where around advice is being applied
in the code:

[warning] advice defined in com.xxx.xxx.StrutsInterceptor has not been
applied [Xlint:adviceDidNotMatch]

The code compiles without error or warning on iajc with source level set
to 1.4.

The ant task that runs this compile is defined as follows:
	<iajc fork="true"
	      	<pathelement location="${iajc.src.dir1}"/>

Any insight is appreciated,
Kind regards,
- Edel