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Re: Re: [aspectj-users] NoClassDefFound in AspectJ Plug-in

Thank you for your interest.
Making the heap bigger doesn't help.
I'd rather try to add the aspects project to the plugin projects, if it's possible.
I'll try to write clearly, how I tried to do it.
1. I have a few projects, each containing one eclipse plugin, they have aspectJ nature, but don't contain any aspects, let's call them plugins A..Z.
2. I have one additional project containing aspects, this is also a plugin and obviously has aspect nature, let's call it plugin XX.
3. In plugin dependencies of XX I added plugis A..Z, so that in the aspects the classes are known.
4. I didn't add plugin XX in dependencies of A..Z, because that would result in a cycle.
5. I added project XX in to AspectPath of A..Z.

That's all that I did. You suggest, that I might have an error in aspect code. I don't think it's likely, because the same aspect copied into one of the projects A..Z works just fine.

What else should I do to make it work?

Best regards,

[Zdanek] <b.zdanowski@xxxxxxxxxxxx>:
>Hello Ania.
>aztlan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx pisze:
>> I tried to add these project plug-ins in the inpath for the aspect plug-in, but the dependencies where going very deep and as the result the weaving took ages and ended up in java heap space error.
>You may increase more memory to Eclipse, just to see if it's possible to 
>compile with configuration you are using
>"C:\\Program Files\\eclipse3.3\\eclipse.exe" -vmargs -Xms256m -Xmx952m 
>> After that when I started the project, I got NoClassDefFoundError for classes that are in those plug-ins and were certainly not missing before I switched to aspectJ.
>> What am I missing? I'll be glad for any help.
>Rest of your description is not clear enough. Only I can suspect is that 
>you have some problems with source folders. Maybe you are linking some 
>source folders from other Projects/paths and sometimes Eclipse disables 
>such linked folders. Their icon is ordinary folder icon instead of 
>package-icon. Check it. Clear and rebuild whole project.
>I had many problems with AspectJ plugin when there were any errors in 
>Aspects code. Check AspectJ console output for these.
>You may provide more info about you dir/file structure etc.
>Best regards,
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