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Re: [aspectj-users] NoClassDefFound in AspectJ Plug-in

Hi Ania.
aztlan@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx pisze:
3. In plugin dependencies of XX I added plugis A..Z, so that in the aspects the classes are known.
4. I didn't add plugin XX in dependencies of A..Z, because that would result in a cycle.
5. I added project XX in to AspectPath of A..Z.

That's all that I did. You suggest, that I might have an error in aspect code. I don't think it's likely, because the same aspect copied into one of the projects A..Z works just fine.

What else should I do to make it work?
Try linking source code instead of adding project in dependecies.
For every dependent project do
Package explorer ->"Project's name"->right click->link source->choose other projects' source folder
add desirable name.
Refresh XX and build. Look in AspectJ console for errors.

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