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[aspectj-users] Unit test your aspects: AOP@Work article on IBM developerWorks

IBM developerWorks has published my article "Unit test your aspects". This article is a part
of the peer-reviewed AOP@Work series.

In this article, I tackle unit testing aspect oriented programs, and argue that far from being difficult to test, aspects offer new opportunities to build confidence in crosscutting behavior. From the article:

"In this article, I introduce a catalog of techniques for testing crosscutting behavior implemented with aspects. I focus on unit tests for aspects, but I also present other patterns that can help you to build confidence in your aspect-oriented applications. As you'll quickly discover, testing aspects involves many of the same skills and concepts as testing objects, with many of the same practical and design benefits."

As series lead and author, I welcome commentary from the community regarding this articles and the series as a whole.

Read the article :

Read the series: