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RE: [aspectj-users] Newbie question:Running AspectJ on J2EE servers


What is it that's not working when you access from RMI? 

In general, to make AspectJ work across RMI calls you need to work
"underneath" the RMI abstractions, just like you to make AspectJ work
with reflective calls.

For example call(* RemoteObject.method()) will not match a call that the
RMI compiler has translated into a call on proxy object for
RemoteObject. But execution(* RemoteObject.method()) should match on the
server VM whether the caller was local or remote. Likewise, cflow and
pertarget aren't going to automatically work in the way you probably
hope. For cflow, you would need to pass some (callback) information
across your RMI call (either adding it to an object that's already being
passed, e.g., with declare parents, or by using a handshake before the
RMI call).


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I use aspectj in a ejb solution and everything works when I access my
beans from a web application deployed in the same ear but when I access
from RMI, my advices/pointcuts doesn't work. I've read something about
aspectj1.0* having problems with this particular setup but I use
aspectj1.1. Have you or anyone else experienced anything similar?

> I had it working on Jboss but it mysteriously stopped working.
> I think I may have made a mistake in my cutpoints.
> Anyway... I just added the runtime jar into the application 
> server and it
> worked a-ok.
> I am not using websphere but I imagine it is the same.
> Only the runtime jar file required.
> Ron
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