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Re: [aspectj-dev] bcel

At some stage (6+ months ago)  there was a discussion on BCEL lists to
deprecate BCEL in favor of ASM. What is your view on that since it sounds
like the BCEL future is solely in your hands.

Well, then let's make the best out of it ;)

But seriously - there is also Dave that helps out a lot!! I came to
this project initially a user wanting some fixes to get applied and are
now also providing some PMC oversight of what's going on.

While I do think that BCEL has miserably failed from the
community perspective it is still being used in so many projects
that we should not just let the users down. The costs of switching
from BCEL to ASM might be just too high.

So unless someone really puts some more effort into it I'd consider
it to be in maintainance/bugfix mode. If there are bigger code
contributions I am than happy to accept them. Because let's face it:
the current BCEL codebase works - but needs some serious overhaul.
We did get some fixes in for an upcoming release though:


I've even suggested a GSoC project


Well and then I came across the fact that you guys are maintaning
a fork.

From the API perspective the BCEL approach is surely a bit more
straight forward than ASM ...and easier to handle in some areas.
Also performance was never an issue for me yet.

But starting a new project as a user I would probably go with ASM
as this community just rocks. They have a kick-ass eclipse plugin
and they support their user base very well.

Anyway ...what I wanted to check is how you guys feel about joining forces. IMO there is no point of maintaing two versions of BCEL.