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[aspectj-dev] bcel

Hey folks,

I am one of the guys that looks a bit after BCEL. We hope to get a bug
fix release out within the next few weeks. (The first release after
3(?) years!) Originally I wanted to talk to you guys about a different
subject but will leave that for another mail. While browsing through
the aspectj documentation I came across this in the FAQ "...The BCEL
developers have not incorporated our patches, so we continue to
maintain our own version. ..."

Well, what can I say - the BCEL community obviously has never really
worked too well. Everyone of the original committers are gone and a
few people (like me) stepped up to work through the 3 years of patches

Anyway ...what I want to say is that it is probably stupid to maintain
two versions of BCEL. How do you guys feel of merging back in the
changes you did and work together on this? ...it's really unfortunate
this has never happened years ago. Any interest at all?