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[aspectj-dev] Providing patches etc


I'd like to get involved with the development of AspectJ, but I'm a little concerned about how to go about sending patches etc.

I work on Ant (as a contributer, not hallowed committer status!), and the rules for submitting patches are well-laid out and easy to follow. For AspectJ, there are fewer if any rules/guidelines and I certainly don't want to try to contribute in a manner that would cause grief to the developers.

So assuming...
Patches have to be submitted in unified format
Patches to bugs are uploaded to bugzilla under the relevant bug
Standard Java code style guidelines (brace at end of line etc)

Would I be able to submit a general patch to the dev list for something like a small refactoring? Do all patches have to have a unit test? What style of unit test do you deem acceptable (Junit, Jmock etc)?

For ant, most of the bugs are owned by "dev@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx", looking at the AspectJ bugzilla database, it seems as if all bugs are owned by core developers. Does this mean that writing a patch that addresses one of these bugs wouldn't be welcomed?

Just some questions