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Re: Re: [aspectj-dev] Opportunities to make contribution?

Hi, Adrain and Matt

Thanks for your reply.  To make the best of my previous skills and get involved sonner, 
I'd try some part in AJDT first.  I will spend some time to read the document
and the code first to get a concept.

I set up the development environment for AJDT yesterday but did get some problems
on the way.  The following is what I did:

0. I already have AJDT plug-in(1.20) installed on Eclipse 3.0.0
1. I checked out the projects from the repository into a dirty workspace where
   I have some other project files
2. I got a bunch of errors (including an OutOfMemory exception) while building
   workspace. I assume this error is from 44215
3. Then I quited Eclipse, increased the heap size to 512M, start Eclipse in a new
   workspace, check out.  But still got errors appearing in the package explorer only
   and no other information about these errors.   AllTests couldn't be run.
4. Finally I installed a new Eclipse(3.0.1), installed AJDT from "Find and install"
   checked out, and everything looked fine.  AllTests ran successfully.