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Re: [aspectj-dev] org.aspectj.abc

Firstly, thanks for the work that the groups are doing - besides building 
some new optimisations etc. that will hopefully make their way into the 
AspectJ distribution in time, the bug reports and clarification requests 
are already helping to improve the quality of AspectJ.

On the question of package names, I'll give you an 'official' answer and a 
pragmatic answer.

The pragmatic answer is that it seems unlikely to me that the AspectJ team 
will create a package named "org.aspectj.abc", so the risk of a collision 
if you use this name is low.

The 'official' answer is that I don't want to get into the game of leasing 
sub-parts of the org.aspectj domain. Traditionally package names follow 
internet domain names and imply ownership & authorship of the code by that 
organisation - so "org.aspectj..*" means code written by the aspectj 
project. In this situation this would not be the case. So for these two 
reasons, and especially if you intend to publish the package for 
consumption outside of your group, I'd prefer it if you used a package 
name beginning e.g. ac.ox.aspectj.abc... (or ca.mcgill.aspectj.abc..) - I 
see your dilemma ;). 

Regards, Adrian.

-- Adrian

Oege de Moor <Oege.de.Moor@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> 
Sent by: aspectj-dev-admin@xxxxxxxxxxx
20/08/2004 10:40
Please respond to


[aspectj-dev] org.aspectj.abc

The Programming Tools Group at Oxford and the Sable research team at
McGill are building a compiler for AspectJ. It's intended as
a workbench for experimenting with new features and optimisations;
the base compiler aims to implement the same language as ajc,
as defined by the test suite in ajcTests.xml.

The compiler is named the "AspectBench Compiler", or "abc" for

Some of our optimisations require new internal runtime classes,
and we'd like to put these in packages under "org.aspectj.abc".
Might it be possible to reserve this name?

On behalf of the abc team,

Oege de Moor
Professor of Computer Science
University of Oxford
tel. +44 1865 273878

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