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Re: [aspectj-dev] FW: demo slides and sources

That's very neat..... here's where I think we could take this next:

In the AJDT GEN3 code base, the examples plugin will provide a simple extension point for contributing new samples and examples for aspectj. Thus anyone can write a plugin that contains example projects packaged as jars/zips, and the New -> AspectJ -> Examples menu will pick them up and display them. So we could easily extend the AspectJ build to pick up the projects under docs/teaching/demos, and create a plugin out of them. Then when you want to set up a demo system, you simply pick up the plugin, drop it in your eclipse installation, and off you go...

Matt.... with all the various kinds of samples and examples being talked about (the basic ones we already have, the demo set, the design patterns work, and the samples that Wes is developing), it occurs to me that we might want the ability to group examples in folders (one level only would be enough) rather than having a single flat list...

-- Adrian

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Let's try to standardize on using this as the location for reusable demos.
That way before a demo all that's needed is to check out the projects for
what you want to show.  

I didn't check in the WSIF one yet since due to its large size it will
require a bit more work to make elegant (e.g. a setup ant task that unzips
the sources).  


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Subject: demo slides and sources

Several people have asked me for the OOPSLA demo slides and sources.  In
order to make it possible for people to help users evangelize AspectJ at
their organization I have made the demo content more conveniently accessible
in our public CVS at:


Each folder in that directory can be checked out as an AJDT project via
Eclipse's CVS perspective.  Demo steps are available in the readme.html
files, along with instructions for setup and reset (via ant task).  



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