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Re: [aspectj-dev] where is AOP sued?

Hi Luca,

The aspectj-users list recently had an interesting discussiong titled
"Tips and Tricks" that just may be what you're looking for. You can find
it in the archives on the eclipse web-site.


> Hi to all the mailing list,
> I'm new to AOP and AspectJ, nevertheless I'm not (yet) writing to ask for
> technical support or something similar. My question is more simple: where is
> used AOP? I mean: is there a business application that exploits AOP and to do
> what? I know that AspectJ is now part of the Ecipse environment, so I believe
> it is really powerful and interesting, but I cannot see an "every-day"
> application which exploits AspectJ.
> I'd like to apologize if my question seems to be trivial, but I'm following
> this mailign list only from a couple of weeks.
> Thanks,
> Bye,
> Luca
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