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[aspectj-dev] how much is dynamic?

Hello to everyone,
I'm new to the AspectJ world, hence my questions could be trivial. If so 
please apologize myself, I'm just trying to understand.
I've read the paper  "An overview of AspectJ" and I cannot understand if the 
aspect weaver is dynamic or not. IN the paper the author talks about an 
aspect compiler, but is it a compiler at the same level of the javac 
compiler? I mean : is it possible to take a (ordinary) compiled class and 
load it (into a running JVM) "attaching" aspetcs to it, or I need to 
recompile the class starting from the source? I know that the main advantage 
of aspects is to fuse crosscuts without requiring source code alerations, but 
my question is related to the use of apsect starting from an alredy compiled 


Luca Ferrari,