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Re: [ajdt-dev] Re: [aspectj-dev] reporting fix delivery version

Adrian Colyer <adrian_colyer@xxxxxxxxxx> schrieb am 30.07.2003,
> AJDT is slighty more complex. 
> The current released version is 1.1.3, and we're working on 1.1.4. It's 
> confusing that the AspectJ and AJDT version numbers are so close and yet 
> have different meanings. We have to rev at least the service number every 
> time we put out a release in order for the Live Update to pick up and 
> install the new version. For the 1.1.x stream I think we have no choice 
> but to leave things as they are. I'm open to suggestions as to how best to 
> handle this for the 1.2 stream...
My suggestion would be: