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Re: [aspectj-dev] Classpath bug fixed! Article updated!

That's great news - Thanks Vaughn!

I updated the article link but am leaving the source, etc. to Mik.

I'll review the article after you update it, but I noticed one
thing that changes with 1.1: (not) using -preprocess
to back out of AspectJ.


spurdyne wrote:

Hi Mik and Wes,

1. Classpath bug fixed!  See the attached src.zip file:
  1.1 Modified files Layer.xml and Bundle.properties
  1.2 Added new file lib-mount.xml
  1.3 Also updated 4 java source files to resolve NetBeans API deprecation
changes. Wasn't related to execution classpath bug and wasn't causing any
problem.  But why not keep API usage up to date?

2. aspectjrt.jar  location correct - In answer to your question, yes I do
have aspectjrt.jar in <netbeans-install>/lib/ext. That is sufficient for
AsptectJ to compile target classes correctly, but is no longer sufficient
for executing the compiled classes because of NetBeans 3.5 changes in
execution classpath generation. NB 3.5 has major performance improvements
over previous versions, and shortening the execution classpath contributes
to the improvement.

3. zip file problem persists - Your zip file
still does not unzip correctly for me with WinZip 8.1 on Windows 2000. None
of the JARs are visible or extractable. So I still need to use the command
line workaround "jar -xf AspectJForNetBeans-1.1rc2.zip" to extract them. I
have no problem extracting them with WinZip when I build
AspectJForNetBeans-1.1rc2.zip on my own system.

4. article updated and moved - My article "Aspect-Oriented Programming with
Sun ONE Studio: A Demonstration" has been updated and quietly posted at a
new location
http://developers.sun.com/tools/javatools/articles/aspectJ.html. Please
update the link to it from http://aspectj4netbean.sourceforge.net at the
bottom of the page.

5. article review requested - Wes and Mik, after RC3 is out I welcome any
suggestions for expanding my article. I'll incorporate your suggestions, add
a more complex example, and re-release it with fanfare on the Sun ONE and
NetBeans sites.


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Subject: RE: [aspectj-dev] Accessing aspectj4netbeans source

Hi Vaughn,

Are you sure that you have aspectjrt.jar in the <netbeans-install>/lib/ext
directory?  That should prevent you from needing to install it as a
filesystem.  Let me know if that works.

I've also uploaded a new ZIP.  Let me know if you have trouble with this one
works for you:

I would like us to release AspectJ for NetBeans 1.1.1rc1 before the end of
next week.  Let me if you would like any patches to be included in that
release, or if you have any particular issues that you would like help in