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RE: [aperi-dev] Aperi News

I'm a bit confused about the state of the SAN Simulator.  It sounds like
a new release is available and the project is being mothballed (though
I'm not familiar with Eclipse-speak and the implication of being
archived). What are the options for continuing work on the simulator?  I
don't know for sure yet, but a group I'm working with may be interested
in using and fixing the simulator.

Thanks, Paul

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> Hi Folks,
> I have some good news and some sad news.  First, The good news.  I'm
> proud
> to announce a new milestone build of the SAN Simulator called
> 0.2
> build.  I want to thank Ramani from IBM Almaden Research Center for
> leading
> this effort as well as Shripad, Pallavi and Amit from the IBM Pune lab
> in
> India for authoring the enhancements.  I'd also like to thank Chris
> from
> IBM Austin,  for the work on the installation guide, users guide, user
> notes and the website updates.  I'd also like to thank everyone else
> who
> contributed to this effort including the work to build and post,
> website
> updates, authoring/submitting/approving the CQ's, etc.  This was a
> great
> cross team effort that spanned the globe to get this next milestone
> complete.
> Following is a list of the new features implemented in SAN Simulator
> milestone 0.2 build:
> 1. Extrinsic Method Support
>       IBM DS6000 and DS8000 v5.1 CIM Agent
>       (CreateSetting, CreateOrModifyElementFromStoragePool,
> CreateOrModifyStoragePool, DeleteStoragePool, ReturnToStoragePool
>       GetSupportedSizeRange, GetSupportedSizes)
>       IBM DS6000 and IBM DS8000 v5.2 CIM Agent
>       (CreateSetting, CreateOrModifyElementFromStoragePool,
> CreateOrModifyStoragePool, ReturnToStoragePool, GetSupportedSizeRange
>       GetSupportedSizes, HidePaths, ExposePaths,
> CreateStorageHardwareID,
> DeleteStorageHardwareID)
> 2. SAN Simulator Repository Support ( IBM DB2 UDB or Apache Derby)
> 3. Remote Repository Support (SAN Simulator database repository can
> reside
> on the same or different server as that of SAN Simulator)
> 4. Updated Installation Wizard
> Now for the sad news.  It is with great sadness that I have to say
> has decided not to staff the Aperi project for 2009.
> The original goal of Aperi was to build a diverse community of
> committers
> to help share the burden of the "framework" in order to free up
> resources
> in all member companies to expand on the higher level functionality.
> Over
> the years, we have not been able to build up this diverse community
> despite
> many efforts.  The interest just wasn't there.
> In 2008, we focused on interoperability and created a workgroup to
> drive it.  We made some great progress under the technical leadership
> of
> Martine Wedlake.  The workgroup defined and proposed a standard for
> Launch
> in Context.  This was presented to SNIA and a LIC standard has taken
> a
> life of it's own over there.  That work will continue.  I look forward
> to
> one day seeing the fruits of that effort in products giving the
> administrators a seamless navigation using applications from multiple
> vendors to accomplish their tasks.  This is a great effort to help
> integrate the storage industry for the benefit of our customers.
> Perhaps
> we will see some open source reference implementations available!
> Martine also led an Aperi workgroup to provide real-world feedback to
> SNIA's PRTF.  The Aperi workgroup provided some great suggestions on
> how to
> improved the SMIS standards and address some real customer pain
> I
> look forward to seeing those efforts improve the standards and
> compliance
> testing in years to come.
> Currently, the Aperi project has been an Incubation project under the
> Eclipse Technology Project for several years.  Incubation is a phase
> and
> not a place.  Since IBM is the only company providing active
> for
> over the last year, I propose that we move the project from Incubation
> phase to the Archived state.  I am preparing a deck for this review.
> While I understand the business decision, I will miss working on this
> project and leading such a talented group of folks.
> Kind Regards,
> --Al
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