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Re: [aperi-dev] Aperi News

>>> On 1/27/2009 at  9:34 PM, in message
<OF7B688E29.0206ED13-ON8625754C.0005C04A-8625754C.00191CE7@xxxxxxxxxx>, Allen
Heitman <aheitman@xxxxxxxxxx> wrote: 

> Now for the sad news.  It is with great sadness that I have to say that IBM
> has decided not to staff the Aperi project for 2009.

Too bad. Thought you might enjoy a screenshot of Aperi's tracking
of a Xen VM with Novell assigned NPIV port moving around a couple of
different SAN switch ports due to live migration of that VM.

> Currently, the Aperi project has been an Incubation project under the
> Eclipse Technology Project for several years.  Incubation is a phase and
> not a place.  Since IBM is the only company providing active committers for
> over the last year, I propose that we move the project from Incubation
> phase to the Archived state.  I am preparing a deck for this review.

Will IBM still sell the commercial TPC tools? how much of the Aperi
codebase will be used there? (for example, knowledge of Xen VM block

> While I understand the business decision, I will miss working on this
> project and leading such a talented group of folks.

All the best, it was certainly a lot of fun working on Aperi (though I
guess it was a while ago now...)


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