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Re: [amalgam-dev] Amalgam discovery

Hi Ed,

Thanks for your feedback.

The plan is to make this UI visible through the welcome page, just like
you suggested :)

If you want QVTd to be part of the discovery ui, I can fire a bug and
you'll be able to provide me the required information from it.

As for the examples I think it deserves a whole discussion but we could
figure a way for people to discover examples not necessarily including
them in their installation : having the same kind of UI which will
install the required dependencies *and* checkout the code from
CVS/SVN/Git. This could probably be part of the Helios +1 release but
I'd like to get the modeling PMC feedback about this.


Le 14/04/2010 08:48, Ed Willink a écrit :
> Hi Cedric
> Amalgam is providing some useful functionality, but it's all a bit
> secret...
> I needed to use Alt-Shift-F1 to confirm that  the Modeling Discovery
> UI is an Amalgam contribution.
> Searching for Modeling Discovery on the wiki reveled no obvious
> mention of amalgam. The amalgam project pages refer to the Ganymede
> release train.
> -- 
> I just used the Modeling Discovery UI to install Xtext; very good UI
> once you find it. (I only discovered it after a mention at EclipseCon
> caused me to ask you).
> It would probably help a bit if the Welcome page had an additional
> prominent icon advertising the Modeling Discovery UI. (use the
> org.eclipse.ui.intro.configExtension extension point.)
> It might also be good to have Help->Modeling Discovery UI... adjacent
> to Help->Install New Software...
> Contrasting "Modeling Discovery UI" with "Install New Software",
> "Modeling Discovery UI" is a good name describing the technical
> implementation but a bad name from the user's perspective. Perhaps
> "Install Modeling Software".
> ---
> Anyway, I'm trying to find out what is necessary for M2M/QVTd and
> MDT/OCL Examples to install via the discovery UI.
> Is visibility achieved by application to you?
> I would like to be able to discover:
>     Platform examples
>     EMF Core examples
>     MDT/OCL examples
>     M2M/QVTd
>     Regards
>         Ed Willink
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