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Re: [amalgam-dev] Amalgam discovery

Hi Cedric
If you want QVTd to be part of the discovery ui, I can fire a bug and
you'll be able to provide me the required information from it.
Will do for QVTd. What are the timescales; before or after I finalise the M7 build?
As for the examples I think it deserves a whole discussion but we could
figure a way for people to discover examples not necessarily including
them in their installation : having the same kind of UI which will
install the required dependencies *and* checkout the code from
CVS/SVN/Git. This could probably be part of the Helios +1 release but
I'd like to get the modeling PMC feedback about this.

It's OCL examples that I'm particularly interested in. There will be an Xtext editor that is too cutting edge to be in the main release. However I'm slightly puzzled that while examples ore in the ocl.core feature they're not in the modeling package. Puzzled, but I think this is right. The main package should not be bloated by examples, so I want to have the examples via the Discovery UI.