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[alf-dev] ALF Requirements Meeting Minutes from 10/12/2005 and 10/19/2005

ALF Requirements Meeting Minutes
10/12/2005 and 10/19/2005

Attendees 10/12/2005                Attendees 10/19/2005

Aldon                                        BuildForge
BuildForge                                Catalyst
Catalyst                                    Compuware
Compuware                               IBM-Rational
IBM-Rational                             Secure Software
Secure Software                        Segue
Segue                                       Serena Software
Serena Software
U of Toronto (Private Citizen)

Review Requirements Document

Discussion: In the past two meetings we concentrated on reviewing the ALF
requirements document. I'll summarize the findings here. See the document
for the resulting requirements definitions.
  a.. Missing Requirement. Allow ALF designers to define custom event
structures based on a base structure defined by ALF.
  b.. AEB4. Event source/event structure can be tied to either 0..1
synchronous service flows or 0..n asynchronous service flows.
  c.. AEB5. Make it explicit that the event service provided by ALF can be
called within a service flow definition. This is a good thing since the POC
has such a call.
  d.. AEB8. Event filtering can be customized through the use of a SPI. For
the POC we will not have any event filtering.
  e.. AEB13. Rework completely to split up the deferred requirement for
synchronous service flow calls from the high priority asynchronous service
flow calls.
  f.. AEB14. Rework to talk about how return values are handled in
synchronous and asynchronous service flow calls.
  g.. Logging. Define the minimal set of logged values. Specify logging
levels and what a 'debug' logging level will provide.
  h.. Security. Specify some alternatives to how security will be handled
for strongly ALF compliant web services and weakly ALF conformant web
services. Push it off on the service flow designer to decide how to enforce
security for weakly ALF conformant services.
Next Meeting

The next requirements meeting will be from 10:00 - 11:00 Pacific on
Wednesday, 26  October. Shaw will send the meeting announcement and agenda
to alf-events and alf-req and will post the announcement to the newsgroup.
Shaw will also request the webmaster to update the requirements document
before the next meeting.

Kelly Shaw
Sr. Product Marketing Manager
Serena Software