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[alf-dev] Re: ALF Requirements Meeting Minutes from 10/26/2005

ALF Requirements Meeting Minutes


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Serena Software

Review Requirements Document

Discussion: As with the past two weeks, this week we concentrated on
reviewing the ALF requirements document. Besides looking at the requirements
themselves, we are also discussing priorities so we can defer features if
necessary. I'll summarize the findings here. See the document for the
resulting requirements definitions.
  a.. AEB4. Approved.
  b.. AEB8. Approved.
  c.. AEB11. Added additional parameters to the standard logging.
  d.. AEB13. Requires additional review before we defer.
  e.. ASR1. Added comment indicating that while the credentials need to be
recognized, it is up to the tool to apply permissions to the user
represented by the credentials.
  f.. ASR3. Remains as requiring review since we need to understand how
credentials will be implemented. This may seem backwards, but ASR3 may be
invalid depending on how authentication is handled in ALF.
  g.. ASR5. Homework for the committee: look at this list of options for
weakly ALF compliant services to see what needs to be added or removed. I'm
going to pull these out and put them in a best practices document.
  h.. AWS1. Review. May be duplicate.
  i.. AWS4. Updated the definition of weakly compliant web services to be
services that can be called from the BPEL engine.
  j.. AWS5 - AWS7. Approved.
  k.. AWS8. The fate of this requirement is tied to ASR3. Still for review.
  l.. AWS9. Added a new web service ALF will expose to export an official
ALF timestamp. This can be used to synchronize log entries between the tools
and ALF.
  m.. ADM5. Approved.
  n.. ADM6. Added a requirement to allow administrators to specify multiple
logging levels, not just default and debug. This will spawn a number of
logging requirements related to overriding logging levels for certain event
sources (E.g. All TT events will be logged at the debug level,) for certain
event types (E.g. only log warnings for requirement created events,) or for
specific event structures. It is likely we will defer a number of these
features until after 1.0, so I'll make them fairly granular in the new doc.
  o.. POC1. I'll be pulling this out of the requirements doc and sending
this to Mirinda since it relates only to the POC.
Homework for next week

Look at all of the requirements and see if any need a priority shift.

 Next Meeting

The next requirements meeting will be from 10:00 - 11:00 Pacific on
Wednesday, 2 November. Shaw will send the meeting announcement and agenda to
alf-events and alf-req and will post the announcement to the newsgroup. Shaw
will also request the webmaster to update the requirements document before
the next meeting.

Kelly Shaw
Sr. Product Marketing Manager
Serena Software