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Re: [albireo-dev] SWT version numbers

Bruno Haible wrote:

If something is broken in 3.4M4 but not in 3.4M5 nor 3.3, I will upgrade, sure. But I thought we intend to support also 3.3 for some time?

Yes, absolutely. Hopefully, all official releases of 3.3 and 3.4. I'd just rather avoid distinguishing among different pre-release milestones of 3.4 in our version checks, e.g. Platform.SWT_FIX216431. But I can live with them temporarily, if it helps.

In general I think it would be ideal to adopt the latest 3.4 milestone as soon as possible, unless we agree there's something terribly wrong with a particular milestone, from Albireo's point of view.

Instead of the constants I defined for Eclipse version numbers, perhaps it would be better to think in terms of ranges. Maybe we should add an isSwtVersion() method that is sensitive to the ranges.

For example, Platform.isSwtVersion(Platform.SWT_34) returns true if the version is >=3400 and < 3500. If we need a specific check for, say, 3.4.1 in the future, we can add a narrower interval for it. This avoids any '==' checks on a single version integer which is almost never what we want.