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Re: [ajdt-dev] Test failures

On 7 December 2010 12:35, F.A. Bourbonnais <fab.lists@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Just to be sure, does the RunTheseBeforeYouCommit also run the test
> harness for the compiler ? So do I have to run anything with Ant or
> everything is run from the RunTheseBeforeYouCommit withUnit ?

It runs everything, no need to run Ant for anything else.

>> I looked at your failures - some of those are new-ish tests so may not
>> have passed on linux yet (I'll see what the build says later today
>> when it completes).  The old tests (like TjpAround/etc) could be
>> related to the JVM level in use - looks like some argument names are
>> being forgotten (and therefore generated).  I'll wait to say more
>> until I have a linux build through.
> Ok thanks.

I found that a few of the failures were 'linux only' and due to tests
incorrectly depending on orders of collection elements that were not
consistent across mac/windows/linux.  Fixes for those have now been
committed.  All tests now run clean for me on Ubuntu.

Try synchronizing with the latest and pulling out those changes.
There were still a couple of test failures you showed that I didn't
have an issue with, but let us see how another test run goes for you.