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[ajdt-dev] AspectJ1.6.1 release candidate 1 now available

I'm very pleased to announce that AspectJ1.6.1 release candidate 1
is now available for download.  The 1.6.1 readme details all the changes
and can be found here:


There are over 60 bugs fixed in this release and a quite large
scale refactoring of the weaver that enables it to weave faster and
in less memory.  It is also much better behaved in a loadtime
weaving environment.

The release candidate is accessible here:


It is already in the latest Eclipse 3.3 AJDT dev builds and will
be in the next Eclipse 3.4 AJDT dev build.

Please download it and try it out, we need to make sure none
of the changes made to improve performance have impacted
compilation of your projects.  If nothing serious is uncovered
then the final version will be available next week.

The AspectJ team.