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[recommenders-dev] Feedback/Testers wanted: Trying out Novel Code Snippet Search Plug-In

Hi Friends of Eclipse Code Recommenders,

in the past months my colleagues at Codetrails worked on a couple of fresh ideas how to better support developers on learning and working with new APIs. One of those ideas is a new approach to code snippet search that is complementary to the existing code search tools you know in / for Eclipse. 

In a nutshell, we analyze the code available in your workspace (or your maven repository), index all expressions we find in the source code, and store them along with their normalizations and frequencies in our index. In addition, that search engine features various normalizations, filters, displaying options etc. etc., we think are valuable for our day-to-day work.

However, we are looking for feedback from others to see how useful these features actually are. The snippet code search engine builds upon several concepts and ideas of Code Recommenders and since you all are familiar with it (and we likely were in touch in person in the past) Iâd like to ask you to give it a spin â and provide us with your feedback.

The website describing the plug-inâs its features in more details is available at [1]. The installation guide and user manual is online at [2] and [3]. As you will notice quickly, itâs a closed-source project. However, I really appreciate your feedback, and thus, I will give away full personal licenses to every tester who give our plug-in a spin in January and want to continue using it after the  trial period.

In case you have further questions, please do not hesitate to contact me by email, twitter or whatever channel you can find me. I really appreciate your comments!


[1] https://ctrlflow.com/code-search-professional/
[2] https://ctrlflow.com/trial/install/

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