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[recommenders-dev] [gsoc] Status Report (new UI)


this is the current report or the GSoC project âStatistics from the Developer Workspaceâ. 

Project description: Developer Statistics is an incubator project of Eclipse Code Recommenders that tracks how developers use their Eclipse IDE. 
If you ever wanted to find out, how you use code completions, what commands you use most often, how much time you spent in Eclipse, Developer Statistics has the answer.

I worked on bug 492765: 

  • porting current ui to ui.forms (look & feel)
  • add master section in navigation part
  • add detail section in detail part
  • add separators 
  • add UI.Forms sash
The changes around the bug 492765 are finished and can be merged (see in Gerrit here). 
Here are some screenshots from the new UI:

If you want to install Developer Statistics, look at the update site [1].
Feedback would be really great, please comment on bug 492767 or contact me on the mailing list.